Homeschool + Private School = Community School
Tampa Christian Community School

​Students in sixth through eighth grades meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for academic classes. In addition, they meet for a half day on 20 Fridays for classes with the same schedule as the Friday E-Day Program and homeschool an additional 10 Fridays with a lighter homeschool day schedule. They also have two days of home instruction per week. Sixth graders participate in one E-Day class on Fridays as well. Middle school students begin the transition to the logic stage. Once basic academic skills are mastered (Dialectic/Logic stage), students are taught how to research and collect information, integrating what they have learned in different subject areas through the rigors of logic and reason. 

TCCS offers an elementary academic program of group classes held on campus twice a week, complemented by two days of home instruction.
An additional Friday Enrichment Day (E-Day) is available for Pre-K through 5th grade. 

During the early years (Grammar stage), children are taught the language of academic disciplines and how to connect words to ideas. Drill and review are primary tools for teaching at this stage, and much is accomplished through rhyme, chanting and song. Art, music, movement, and hands-on experimental learning provide the counterbalance for the disciplines of memorization and drill. 

The mission of TCCS's high school is for students to experience a blended model of classroom and at-home learning, which most closely resembles the schedule that students will experience in their post-high school career.

The ultimate goal of our program is to train leaders for God’s glory and encourage the student to seek their purpose for God’s kingdom. It is important that the students know what they believe and have the tools to learn and become life long learners. In the Rhetoric stage, upper level students are able to logically present and defend their ideas, while continuing the systematic construction of a Biblical world view and deepening their understanding of integrated academic disciplines. For more information, see the
HIgh School FAQ.

middle school

elementary school

high school

Each curriculum selected for use at TCCS is taught from a decidedly evangelical Christian perspective, even if it is not an explicitly Christian curriculum. We agree that "all truth is God's truth" and are committed to teaching a sound Biblical world view throughout all academic disciplines. We also seek to establish a global perspective on social, environmental, political, and humanitarian issues that helps prepare students to become world citizens with a broad view of the Great Commission and a proper response to the Lord's command of world-wide ministry. Starting in elementary school, students are taught how to defend their faith. Throughout the teaching of theology, philosophy, science, and history, apologetics is represented as a natural and necessary part of living in a post-Christian era. We want to develop in our students (as the writers of the Sonlight Curriculum so aptly put it) "a healthy scholarly skepticism" toward the things they will encounter throughout life, designed to motivate them to seek, find and defend the truth.

For more information, see the Curriculum Overview.


educational philosophy

We firmly believe and support our educational philosophy that parents are first and foremost responsible for their children's education. The partnership between parent and Christian educator that is a hallmark of the Tampa Christian Community School is a trust relationship based on a mutual desire to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all that is taught to our children. May He be lifted up and glorified by every aspect of our academic program. TCCS integrates a variety of methods and materials for teaching our children according to Biblical principles and the ancient wisdom found throughout Scripture. Our teaching reflects an approach similar to that the of the Classical style, with attention given to the developmental progression of optimum learning stages (The Trivium). All curriculum integrates a variety of learning approaches. We recognize multiple intelligences and the need to teach according to a child’s learning style. Hands-on experiential learning, cooperative group work, literature-based lessons, theme-based lessons, phonics, music, movement and art are included in lesson plans. We build a strong educational foundation by teaching to a child’s developmental and academic level, as well as allowing time for them to master the concepts before proceeding. 

how it works

  • On Mondays and Wednesdays, students learn at home with parent instruction, guided by lesson plans provided by our certified classroom teachers. 
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students meet at our school facility and learn in a group setting taught by our certified classroom teachers. 
  • Friday is an optional Enrichment Day Program for younger students, and a half-day of group instruction for middle and high school students. 
  • Parents rotate volunteering in group classrooms and attend community meetings to maintain the partnership between the school, faculty, and the parents.

parents partnering with teachers

We believe the partnership between parents and teachers is the key to a successful community school. Parents and teachers work to be mentors to their children as they learn academic and moral character. 

“Bring them (children) up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” 
Ephesians 6:4b